I don’t have a mobile number. Why can’t I use my landline or VOIP number?

Unfortunately at this time we are not able to accept landlines or VoIP phone numbers for verification of user accounts. As this is an essential part of our security to authenticate Sampler accounts, users require a valid phone number connected to a mobile network in order to claim samples.

We have heard your feedback and know this is disappointing for many of you. At Sampler we strive to make our experience inclusive and accessible. We are working hard on many improvements to make our product more inclusive to all individuals and welcome your feedback. While we are a small team we are confident we will be able to provide more accessibility to users in the future.

But why? The technical stuff

Currently, we do not have the infrastructure to verify and authenticate landline and VOIP numbers, which are voice-enabled. Verification is an essential part of our security process for all our users and for that reason, we rely on SMS (Short Message Service). Unfortunately, SMS cannot be sent and received with landline and VOIP numbers.

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