How do I sign up or log in to receive free samples?

Signing up

If you're new to Sampler all you need to do is go to, or click the button below:

Choose how you want to sign up:

  • With your email
  • With Facebook by logging into your account

From here we'll ask you a few questions and if there are free samples that match your profile, they’re yours!

Please note, you will require a phone number connected to a mobile network for the verification of your account. We do not accept landline or VOIP numbers at this time. Find more information about mobile verification here‍.

Watch our video to see how it all works in 4 easy steps.

Logging in

If you already have a sampler account, simply visit the login page and log in using the method you signed up with.

If you've forgotten your password no problem, you just need to reset your password‍.

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