What are digital coupon offers?

Sometimes, our brand partners can’t offer free samples. To give you as many exciting offers as possible, we have digital coupon offers as an extra perk!

So, what are digital coupons exactly?

  • Exclusive high value discounts, or even a free full-size item on which you might need to pay a small shipping fee through the brand’s site.
  • They are sent to you via email and redeemed on the brand’s site.

If these offers just aren’t a great fit for you, no problem! Just uncheck the box of anything that doesn’t appeal to you on the Sampler offer selection screen.

Not interested in digital coupon offers?

No problem! If you've just matched with samples and are presented with a digital coupon offer, you don't need to claim it. Simply uncheck the box to decline the offer and the rest of your sample order will be delivered as normal.

How do I claim or decline a digital coupon offer?

If you've matched with a digital coupon offer, it will appear right at login. It will automatically be checked off for you to claim. 

If you'd like more information about the digital coupon offer, you can do so by clicking on the info icon. A window with more information will appear:
From there, you can decide if you'd like to go ahead with the digital coupon, or unselect it. If you decide to claim the digital coupon offer, you may be redirected to that brand's website for further sign-up information.

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