What about my data privacy and security?

Sampler takes the trust you put in us to protect your personal information very seriously.  The information you provide in your profile and through answering survey questions, which helps us to match you with samples, is secured using strong encryption and security procedures.  We believe in providing you with both transparency and control over the data we collect and what will happen with it.

While regulations differ by country and state, most agree that you have have a number of rights as a user (or data subject).  Below we will outline these core rights and how you can (easily!) exercise those right with Sampler. 

  • Right to be informed - You have the right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal data when it is collected
    • Prior to collecting information, Sampler will ask for your consent.  Further information of the specific types and use of data are published in our Privacy Policy
  • Right of access and rectification - this means you have the right to know what information is being held about you and have the ability to correct that information
  • Right to be forgotten / Right of erasure - this means you can request all of the personal data held about you is removed
  • Right to restrict processing and to object - this means you have the right to request the restriction of use (or processing) of your data
  • Right to data portability- this means that you have the right to take and transfer the data about you securely
    • You can download your data from your Sampler account

We encourage you to ensure all of the businesses you share your personal information with make it easy for you to act upon your data privacy rights. We hope that by making it easy to act upon your rights and by being transparent in how we use this information that you will continue to put your trust in us.

Keep in mind...

You are never required to provide specific information to Sampler. If there is a question asked which you would prefer not to share, that's completely ok! For certain sensitive questions, you will be given the option to choose 'prefer not to answer'. However, since our matching algorithm uses your answers to match you with samples this may limit your chances of matching with certain offers.

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