What are programs?

A Sampler Program is where you log in to discover offers from our partner brands. There are two main types of programs: Sampler Market Programs, and Sampler Signature Programs

Programs give you the chance to claim multiple samples, coupons and ecoupons from different brands we think you’ll love. 

Sampler Market Programs

Once you’ve joined a Sampler Market Program through Sampler or one of our partners you have the chance to match with samples curated to your interests periodically throughout the year. 

Each month, we add new offers to our marketplace and our matchmaking technology gets to work finding you samples that fit your profile. If we don’t have anything you’ll love, we’ll check again the next time new samples drop.


I’ve checked all my Market programs and I’m not matching. Why? 

All Sampler Market programs run off the same pool of samples. If there are no samples available in one Sampler Market program, it is unlikely you will match in a different Market program as all Market programs pull from the same pool of samples.

Signature Programs

Signature Programs give you the chance to explore exclusive offers from a single or small collection of brands through samples, coupons or ecoupons. These programs are live for a limited time and do not reopen on a regular basis with new samples.

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