I matched with a sample but I don't want it, do I have to claim it?

No! If you are matched with a sample that you don't think you will enjoy, you do not need to claim it. Simply make sure that the checkbox next to the Sample image is unchecked before proceeding.   

Another option is to click the info icon, where another window will appear. You will be given the option to "Select" or "Unselect" the sample you have matched with.


There are circumstances where you will need to select a minimum number of samples to be able to qualify for a shipment. Make sure to follow the instructions for the minimums requirement. 

The option to "select" or "unselect" the samples you were matched with only applies to our digital coupons, and regular offers in our Sampler Market programs

What are Bonus offers?

Bonus offers are additional and free physical coupons or samples that you can receive. They are added onto your order automatically after you have confirmed your shipping details. Please note that you are not able to unselect bonus offers. If you don't think these bonus offers are a perfect match, feel free to give your coupon/ sample to someone else who may like it.

For more information about our bonus offers, click here.


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