How do in-store coupon redemptions work?

You may be matched with samples that need to be redeemed in-store with a coupon.  These are typically products that are fresh or frozen which we can't ship along with our standard samples.  We do our best to only match you with coupons which you can redeem easily based on where you live and the stores you shop at.

To redeem these coupons,

  1.  Read the instructions on the coupon carefully
  2.  Make sure to check the expiry date and redeem the coupon beforehand
  3.  Find the stores in your area where the coupon can be redeemed
  4.  Present your coupon when you are checking out at the store
  5.  Enjoy!

Follow-up Coupons

We are sometimes able to provide you with a discount coupon after you've tried a sample. So, if you really liked a product make sure to take advantage! 

The coupon will be emailed to you, but you can also see all of your follow-up coupons your orders page.  Some coupons can be redeemed online while others need to be printed and redeemed in-store.  Make sure to read the details and check the expiry date!

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