What is a bonus offer?

I already added samples to my box, so what are these bonus offers? 

From time to time, our partners have awesome samples or coupons that we think most of our Samplers will love. That means extra physical samples or coupons will be added to the box of custom samples you just ordered!  

Bonus offers are added to your box once you have finished filling out your shipping information. Bonus offers are completely free and cannot be deselected. 

If you match with a bonus offer there’s nothing else you need to do! Just sit back, relax, and wait for your samples and bonus offers to arrive in your mailbox. 

Why did I match with this bonus offer?

Bonus offers are sent based on what we know about you from answering survey questions about yourself. If they aren’t the perfect match for you or your household, we encourage you to share the sample with someone else you think would like it.


What is the difference between a digital coupon and a bonus offer?

Bonus offers are extra and free physical coupons or samples added to your order after you have confirmed your shipping details. They can not be deselected. 

Digital coupons can be redeemed via an online store, retailer or partner. Right after you’ve finished claiming, the coupon code will be sent to the email associated with your Sampler account and will include further details on the offer. Digital coupons will appear before you enter any shipping details and can be deselected should you not be interested in the offer chosen for you. 


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